Marilyn’s Quotes

March 8, 2014

RL: “So are you doing your own editing now?”

BG: “Oh, I require the services of a professional.”

RL: “Ok. Is that before or after you do the editing.”

February 11, 2014

MW: “You’re pretty late to work this morning.”

ES: “Yeah, I got mesmerized watching curling on the Olympics!”

January 24, 2014

CD: “You can’t trademark the word candy!”

ES: “I can’t imagine there’s not a porn app that uses the word ‘candy’.”

November 27, 2013

JH: “My sister-in-law is making paella for Thanksgiving so said she didn’t want me to bring mashed potatoes.”

JL: “What! Thanksgiving is all about multiple starches. Of course you should bring the mashed potatoes!”

November 5, 2013

MM: “My wife just texted me. I fell asleep on the couch last night watching football. And she said I was mumbling something about time code.”

October 26, 2013

DH: “Yeah money talks. My money talks: it says: ‘bye, bye’.”

September 22, 2013

JR: “That was the man that officiated the service for my mother’s funeral an hour ago. I hope he didn’t hear us talking about sex swings as he approached our table.”

September 20, 2013

HDM: “Took the dog to the vet this morning. We were on time for our appt. but we had to wait. There was a horse ahead of us.”

September 12, 2013

CF: “You know that lady with the 2 scales that represents justice? That should be replaced by a tottering old man with a cane.”

August 14, 2013

JL: “I need a fur cape. What am I doing walking around my house without a fur cape, like some kinda sucker?”