Marilyn’s Quotes

October 19, 2014

KR;  “My mother refuses to use the cloud. She said, ‘What if there’s a comet or something?’ “

September 16, 2014

RR: “So…. Quicktime won’t work on the new Mac Mavericks?”
ES: “Looks like it.”
RR: “But it’s an Apple product!”
ES: “I’m telling you.. Apple eats it’s own children.”

August 20, 2014

MW: “You got us doing all this extra work. And let me tell ya, we’re not spring chickens.”

SM: “Yes you aaaaareeeee. Don’t try to fool me.”

July 9, 2014

RR: “Do you think he’s going on a boat judging by those shoes?”

SM: “I don’t know, but we’re going to lay our picnic on his checkered shirt!”

June 22, 2014

HD: “You know, in movie-making we aren’t really ever done editing, we just stop.”

May 17, 2014

SS: “So I went for a check up and the doctor said my knee was healing very nicely. When I asked when I should have the knee replacement on the other one, he said: ‘well I’m not going to chase you around with a scalpel, but it should be soon.'”

May 8, 2014

JI: “The name is Settipani. Anyone know them?”

ML: “Wait. Did you say ‘set of panties’?”

DJ: “Well THAT person didn’t get teased much.”

April 23, 2014

SZ: “Ok. Let’s get this show pony in the barn, please.”

March 27, 2014

DB: “Listening to Scott inform this small crowd about his book, I realized — after all these years I miss hearing him talk!!”

March 10, 2014

CS: “I ran into my old personal trainer at the liquor store…”