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In response to your story on curbing foreign oil, I would like to suggest a new law to allow American ethanol producers to import the same amount of ethanol from foreign markets –– without taxes –– as they produce domestically.

This would increase the amount of renewable fuel to twice as much as now. The profit of this operation would also enable the producer to enlarge the farmed area, since the other part of the investment would be covered by the profits of the imported ethanol.

Besides creating new employment positions, lowering petroleum prices and reducing the need to expand oil refining capacity, this would havc favorable worldwide consequences like:

– Reducing the greenhouse effect
– Helping developing countries
– Lowering petroleum prices worldwide
– Reducing acts of terrorism since there would be less financial resources to sponsor them.

Giving renewable fuel the same treatment in terms of taxes as for the oil will show to the world the USA is concerned about the environment.

Gilberto Jamardo
Consultor de Gestão
Gestão de Capex
Sao Paulo/Brazil

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