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Good stuff about the Winnebago kids’ paper “Neighborhood News.”

I’ve always been thankful that my son was a huge daily devourer of
newspapers — at least the Sports sections and their acres of agate type
grist for the spiel mill — but, yes, now it’s hard to look at the business
and tell a kid like that that there’s much of that ahead for him to get
involved with, look forward to in the way of a career…

In not-too-distant memory, I recall that when the Reader would play softball
against the WBEZ team in recent years, Ira Glass would stand on the
sidelines — acting as the radio team’s “cheerleader” or shaman, I guess —
slowly and methodically chanting, “You are working in a dying medium…. You are working in a dying medium….”

If I remember correctly, the last time out, his method worked: WBEZ chipped away at our huge early lead and eventually marched past us in the final inning, run after bloop-hit run trudging over home plate, until they finally led the victory march away to the local Dugan’s Pub.

Anyway, it was great to read a paper with true vitality once again. I’d
never known that “John picks his nose” before. Thanks.

Dave Jones

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