The Russian Connection

By Stump Connolly

I’m going to go out on a limb here and surmise that the connection between the Trump campaign and the Russians was Donald Trump himself.

He had the means, the motive and the opportunity to contact the Russians in the last election –– and he’s the only one in the campaign with the chutzpah to do it. MORE...

Watch Out For That Flying Bag of Dope

By Stump Connolly

Now that we’ve put health care to bed – for the time being – we can get back to a more pressing issue facing America: How to build that Mexican Wall. MORE...

The Lonely Life of I Alone

By Stump Connolly

Last week marked the first anniversary of one of the most frightening speeches I’ve ever heard in American politics –– Donald Trump’s “I Alone” speech to the Republican convention.

In one of the great panders of politics – and politics is full of them — the Republican nominee recounted all that ails America, and he had a solution for them all. “Nobody knows the system better than me,” he said, “which is why I alone can fix it.”

So six months into his term, how’s he doing? MORE...

Fake News

By Stump Connolly

I opened Facebook the other day only to see a quote from Vice President Pence on health care that I found appalling. So appalling it was uncanny.

Too uncanny. MORE...

Not the Only Show in Town

By Stump Connolly

He calls his Twitter feed “modern day presidential” but this is a sideshow America doesn’t need right now. MORE...

Celebrity Victim

By Stump Connolly

Good evening, and welcome to Celebrity Victim, the show that tries America’s patience . . . and will decide the fate of the nation. MORE...

I am a Rock , I am an Island , (I am an Idiot)

By Stump Connolly

President Trump returned Saturday to a red-faced nation after a nine-day trip to a world he doesn’t understand. MORE...

The National Conversation

By Stump Connolly

David Brooks and E.J. Dionne were on NPR the other night talking about the chaos of the last two weeks in Washington. Inevitably, their thoughts turned to Watergate. “I’m old enough to remember,” Dionne opined, “and it seems to me this story is moving so fast it’s like we’re in the last days of Watergate – and Trump has only been in office 120 days.” MORE...

Chasing Farts

By Stump Connolly

On the way to school, my son and I sometimes try to imagine the worst job in the world. In a field rife with candidates (algae farmer, manure bagger, spider wrangler), we landed on one that deserves a gold star: fart collector. MORE...

Trump Did It!

By Stump Connolly

So let’s state the obvious: Gen. Flynn called the Russian embassy to discuss lifting the sanctions President Obama imposed for meddling in the U.S. elections because then President-elect Trump asked him to. MORE...