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Impeachment: How and When

By Stump Connolly

It took Richard Nixon six years to lose the confidence of the American people. It has taken Donald Trump only two weeks. MORE...

All in on The Wall

By Stump Connolly

I’m going all in on the wall. If we’re going to build the wall with Mexico that Donald Trump has promised – “an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall“– I don’t want to be the last to cash in. I’m going to take my 401(K) and invest in America’s future: concrete. MORE...

Fear vs. Hate

By Stump Connolly

So this is what it’s come to, a choice between Fear and Hate. MORE...

Can We Talk?

By Stump Connolly

Labor Day marks the beginning of the real political season. Gluttons for punishment, we ignore the billions of dollars candidates have already spent imprinting their brands on our forehead and act like now we’re going to take this presidential race seriously.

But ignoring what has gone before is going to be hard to do this year. Donald Trump has commandeered the presidential stage, and his provocative personality has spread across the cable news channels so pervasively his hat should read “Make America My Next TV Show.” MORE...

One (White) Man’s Opinion

By Stump Connolly

I wasn’t much impressed by Hillary’s speech last night. Over the last four days, a parade of citizens from all walks of life testified to Hillary’s goodness and brought me around to thinking she’s got this one in the bag. Then she stepped up to accept their nomination.

Of course, I hold her to a different standard than most of her followers. I’m a man. But I have my opinions. MORE...

A Punch in the Mouth! Actually Two.

By Stump Connolly

Anybody who waited for ABC, CBS and NBC to break into their primetime entertainment for the third day of the Democratic convention missed it.

Sure, you got to see Tim Kaine give his first speech as a vice-presidential nominee and Barack Obama give one of his last as President. But they were both the kind of political orations you watch… MORE...

The Has-been

By Stump Connolly

It’s not easy to imagine Bill Clinton as the first lady.

If Hillary is elected, he will be the oldest first lady in the history of the country. Barbara Bush currently holds the record, having ascended to the title as George H. W. Bush’s spouse at the age of 63, and Bill will be seven years older. MORE...

The Democrats: A Heavy Lift

By Stump Connolly

If you follow politics, you’ll notice there are certain watchwords that tie together the media coverage. When all 17 of the Republican contenders were bunched at the starting line to Iowa, everyone was talking about what “lane” each would take. After Donald Trump bested the field, talk turned to how he would “pivot” at the Republican convention.

On Monday, the Democrats met in Philadelphia, and all the reporters could talk about was the “heavy lift” Hillary Clinton will have. As Trump’s dark and desultory acceptance speech demonstrated, her first job at this convention is to lift the spirits of America. MORE...

Our Mussolini

By Stump Connolly

What doth it profit a Republican to gain the Supreme Court, and lose the world in a megalomaniac’s nuclear war?

There is no fair and balanced way to say this. The acceptance speech Donald Trump gave at the Republican convention Thursday night was the most frightening piece of demagoguery I’ve ever heard in politics. MORE...

Day Three: No Big Deal

By Stump Connolly

What could be more exciting than a vice-presidential acceptance speech by Mike Pence? And how are those dumpster fires looking out there in Nebraska, Sen. Sasse? MORE...