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Chasing Farts

By Stump Connolly

On the way to school, my son and I sometimes try to imagine the worst job in the world. In a field rife with candidates (algae farmer, manure bagger, spider wrangler), we landed on one that deserves a gold star: fart collector. MORE...

Trump Did It!

By Stump Connolly

So let’s state the obvious: Gen. Flynn called the Russian embassy to discuss lifting the sanctions President Obama imposed for meddling in the U.S. elections because then President-elect Trump asked him to. MORE...

Averting A Shutdown to Focus on A War

By Stump Connolly

We should all breathe a sigh of relief that the government will not be shutting down this weekend, because that will allow us more time to focus on preparing for the nuclear war ahead with North Korea. MORE...

The Environment is Overrated

By Stump Connolly

I live in Chicago. Our summers are too hot. Our winters suck. You never know what week in the fall the leaves will actually fall. And you can be picking Easter eggs out of snow banks in the spring.

What’s all this fuss about climate change? It’s just the weather out of control again. Isn’t it? MORE...

Down The Rabbit Hole

By Stump Connolly

As we descend down the rabbit hole into the Trump Administration, let’s hark back to a time when America was great. Two months ago. MORE...

The Salesman-in-Chief

By Stump Connolly

The best salesmen sell themselves. The product is what you get for liking them. And pay for.

That was no more evident than in Donald Trump’s tweet the other day touting “our wonderful new Healthcare Bill” that he acknowledged, in the same breath, is subject to review and negotiation. Translation: Trust Me. It’s gonna be great. MORE...

Behind Enemy Lines

By Stump Connolly

When the going gets tough, the tough go on vacation. Which I did, in the 5th week of the Trump Administration, to a resort in Mexico on what is now called the Riviera Maya. MORE...

Impeachment: How and When

By Stump Connolly

It took Richard Nixon six years to lose the confidence of the American people. It has taken Donald Trump only two weeks. MORE...

All in on The Wall

By Stump Connolly

I’m going all in on the wall. If we’re going to build the wall with Mexico that Donald Trump has promised – “an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall“– I don’t want to be the last to cash in. I’m going to take my 401(K) and invest in America’s future: concrete. MORE...

Fear vs. Hate

By Stump Connolly

So this is what it’s come to, a choice between Fear and Hate. MORE...