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Combining insight with humor is not easy. But every week The Week Behind brings you a lively dose of both through our weekly coverage of what’s happening in America.

Every week we feature an original story by some of Chicago’s best writers plus commentary on what’s happening in the arts, culture, politics and technology. Add in features like Marilyn’s Quotes, Funny Videos, The Week in Pictures and Catch of the Day and you’ll always have something to talk about over the weekend.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The Week Behind is designed to appeal to people of all ages, but particularly those in the in 35-64 demographic who are now referred to as “aging baby boomers.”

CIRCULATION: Since its first appearance on the Internet, The Week Behind has attracted a monthly audience of 30,000 unique visitors. We anticipate that our new web 2.0 design and marketing efforts over the summer will raise that figure to over 100,000.

HOW TO ADVERTISE: Advertising is available on The Week Behind in three standard sizes: Leader board, Banner and Box Ads. All ads are served up on an ad server and may be configured to accompany specific subject matter.

RATES: During our start-up period, The Week Behind will tailor specific ad campaigns according to a published rate card, with discount programs for long term commitments. Call Albert Yoo, advertising manager, to arrange details or email sales at

JOIN US: The Week Behind aims to be not only an online magazine but a community of people who share a common interest in staying engaged in the art, politics, culture and technology around them.

Join us. See what we can make happen.