A Brief Explanation

There has been some confusion over how The Week Behind got its name. The cynics in our midst claim it is the result of a spelling error, an e transposed for an a; by simply replacing the second e in “Week” with an a, readers will have a better sense of where all the wisdom in these pages comes from.

Deeper meaning might be found in Shakespeare’s admonition that the past is prologue. What has happened in the past is often a useful guide to what is coming. But just as often, it is not. The truth, of course, is that we call our little publication The Week Behind because it is published on Fridays.

1. How to Write for The Week Behind

If you would like to write for The Week Behind, the first step is to do something interesting, then write about it. We like to call what we print stories, so think about writing a beginning, a middle and an end; and don’t be afraid to write in the first person. We like that.

Our magazine is divided into four sections – Art, Politics, Culture and Technology – on the assumption all human endeavors fit into at least one of those categories. We would have added another section for Miscellaneous except the word was too wide to fit into our navigation column. But stories about miscellany are okay too.

While we do not have what are called editorial guidelines, The Week Behind values good writing, personal expression and, of course, the truth. We like stories that are short better than stories that are long – unless they are flowing off our own pen. But we do adhere to one rule, good for these pages and, indeed, life in general: gentle good humor shall prevail.

The best way to gauge what is an appropriate story for The Week Behind is to read past issues, then write something else.

Whenever possible, you should also try to find a picture that illustrates the story (thus saving 1,000 words right there) and include it with your submission.

How to Submit:

If you would like to submit a story to The Week Behind, you should write it before contacting us. Please do not call to ask our permission or “sound us out” on your idea. Email your article to scott at theweekbehind.com with appropriate information on how we might get back to you. We will not pay you for your story, but we will work with you to present it in a way that will make you and us proud.

How Are Stories Chosen:

Desperation plays a critical role in our editorial process. We run what we have, or otherwise make something up every week, because another guiding principle of The Week Behind is that blank pages aren’t very interesting. Stories intended for the current week behind should be in our hands by Wednesday night. Unless otherwise noted, all content of The Week Behind is © 2009 by the publisher, Subtle Communications.

Letters to The Editor:

Occasionally, readers of our publication have opinions about the stories they have read. In the past, that has been of little consequence to us. Over the last year, however, we have discovered reader feedback can create a dialogue that itself becomes an interesting story.

So in the interest of interesting, we are now inviting feedback to editor at theweekbehind.com that we may occasionally publish as Letters to the Editor. We think letters that disagree with the authors tend to be more stimulating than those that praise them. But try not to swear.

About Us:

Finally, we are well aware that you might want to know who we are. Not to duck the issue, but that seems to be a question for another time – and another section called Masthead.