By The Editors

Remember IPA? Remember The Polaroid Wall? You should because there’s a good chance you’re on it. And now you can carry it around in your pocket with an iPhone app that includes all 2,620 photos of those raucous years when IPA helped change the media landscape in Chicago.

Swipe and pinch your way around. (Make sure you read the snarky little captions on the edges.) Or search it by name, year or themes.

From its opening in 1982 until it closed its doors in 2000, IPA served as a gathering spot for a remarkable community of writers, producers, directors, editors, cameramen, artists and, thankfully, clients in Chicago who were pushing to create new forms of television. The Polaroid Wall is their story told in pictures — with narrative threads showing the art, technology, construction and parties that were a constant part of the scene.

The Polaroid Wall is now available in the Apple Store for both the iPhone and iPad. (Sorry, no Android version). A party is sure to follow. Stay tuned.

The app is distributed by Subtle Communications LLC. Polaroid Classic Border Logo is a trademark of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used with permission. PLR IP Holdings, LLC, does not sell this application or provide any manufacturer’s warranty or support.

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