By Lee Elia

(Thirty years ago, on April 29, 1983, Cubs manager Lee Elia delivered one of the great rants in baseball after his team blew a 3-1 lead over the Dodgers and, with the score tied 3-3 in the 9th, lost on a wild pitch by reliever Lee Smith. You can read his tirade here or listen to it here.)

I’ll tell you one fuckin’ thing, I hope we get fuckin’ hotter than shit, just to stuff it up them 3,000 fuckin’ people that show up every fuckin’ day, because if they’re the real Chicago fuckin’ fans, they can kiss my fuckin’ ass right downtown and PRINT IT.

They’re really, really behind you around here… my fuckin’ ass. What the fuck am I supposed to do, go out there and let my fuckin’ players get destroyed every day and be quiet about it? For the fuckin’ nickel-dime people that show up? The motherfuckers don’t even work. That’s why they’re out at the fuckin’ game. They oughta go out and get a fuckin’ job and find out what it’s like to go out and earn a fuckin’ living.

Eighty-five percent of the fuckin’ world is working. The other fifteen come out here. A fuckin’ playground for the cocksuckers. Rip them motherfuckers. Rip them fuckin’ cocksuckers like the fuckin’ players. We got guys bustin’ their fuckin’ ass, and them fuckin’ people boo. And that’s the Cubs? My fuckin’ ass.

They talk about the great fuckin’ support that the players get around here. I haven’t seen it this fuckin’ year. The name of the game is hit the ball, catch the ball, and get the fuckin’ job done. Right now, we have more losses than we have wins. The fuckin’ changes that have happened in to Cubs organization are multifold.

Alright, they don’t show because we’re 5 and 14 . . . and unfortunately, that’s the criteria of them dumb 15 motherfuckin’ percent that come out to day baseball. The other 85 percent are earning a living. I tell you, it’ll take more than a 5 and 13 or 5 and 14 to destroy the makeup of this club. I guarantee you that. There’s some fuckin’ pros out there that wanna fuckin’play this game. But you’re stuck in a fuckin’ stigma of the fuckin’ Dodgers and the Phillies and the Cardinals and all that cheap shit. All these motherfuckin’ editorials about (Ron) Cey and the fuckin’ Philly-it is and all that shit. It’s sickening.

It’s unbelievable. It really is. It’s a disheartening fuckin’ situation that we’re in right now. Five and 14 doesn’t indicate all that work. We got 143 fuckin’ games left.

What I’m tryin’ to say is don’t rip them fuckin’ guys out there. Rip me. If you wanna rip somebody, rip my fuckin’ ass. But don’t rip them fuckin’ guys ’cause they’re givin’ everything they can give.

And once we hit that fuckin’ groove, it will flow. And it will flow. The talent is there. I don’t know how to make it any clearer to you. I’m frustrated. I guarantee you I’m frustrated. It would be different if I walked into this room every day at 8:30 and saw a bunch of guys that didn’t give a shit. They give a shit and it’s a tough National League East. It’s a tough National League . . . period.

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