By Scott Langill

Sugar Bush Squirrel: Squirrel Taliban?

Punxsatawney Phil may be getting the rodent headlines this week, but true Sciuridae connoisseurs now that January 21 was National Squirrel Appreciation Day. Lest I wax philosophical about how squirrels cause more power outages than lightning and twice halted NASDAQ trading; I’ll just give you the links. Chicagoans should check out Project Squirrel.

The Squirrel Place

Project Squirrel: Become a Citizen Squirrel

Daylight Robbery 2 – Part 1 of 4 (Grey Squirrels)

BANZAI – Squirrel Fishing

Official Squirrel Fishing Home Page – SquiFi Affiliate

North American Defense Against Squirrels (N.A.D.S)- Anti Squirrel Information Site

Scary Squirrel World

Sugar Bush Squirrel

Muppets The Swedish Chef makes Squirrel Stew

Squirrel Melts

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