By Scott Langill

The Horror

The Horror

Christmas is just a few days away, and you know that you have been avoiding Christmas music on the radio; because you know they’re coming, the American tradition of the last minute rotation of The Singing Dogs and Jingle Bells. Originally an stage act in Copenhagen, The Singing Dogs first released Jingle Bells in 1955. Over the years it was re-edited twice to its traditional version. You can hear the original version in the medley below. The medley includes their 1956 release of Hot Dog Rock ‘n Roll but omits the superior flipside of Hot Dog Boogie. The recently minted digital Jingle Cats are no substitute for the analog goodness of The Singing Dogs. Best known for Silent Night, the Jingle Cats recent release of Jingle Bells even includes dogs as the lead vocalists.

The Singing Dogs Jingle Bells

The Singing Dogs Medley

The Singing Dogs Hot Dog Boogie

Jingle Cats Silent Night

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