By Scott Langill

Eat your heart out da Vinci

It’s Eastertime and everyone on the web is linking to images of the Washington Post’s Pick of the Peeps dioramas, but Catch of the Day is going with a more respectful paint by number image of the Last Supper. A landmark American contribution to world culture, paint by number was rec room trendy in the 1950s. Following the death of originator Max Klein in 1993, his daughter donated his archives to the Smithsonian Museum of American History which displayed them along with others in 2001. But in the “piece de nombre”, in 2008 a Massachusetts collector assembled over 6,000 paint by number works to create the largest online archive of paint by number works, the Paint By Number Museum. You can find contemporary paint by number supplies online, but for the true artiste there’s always the Custom Paint By Number Kit from your photo!

Pick of the Peeps

2001 National Museum of American History Paint by Number Exhibit

Paint By Number Museum

Custom Paint By Number Kit from your photo!

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