By Scott Langill

The ill-fated Yodeling Meter

I don’t know if Jonathan Swift’s Yahoos yodeled, but UK Yahoo brings you the Yodelizer. Using your keyboard you can compose, record, download, share, and tag your own yodel. For the creatively challenged Archie McPhee & Co. has an online and offline Emergency Yodel Button. The venerable is no more but for more on Alpine and Country and Western yodeling techniques there’s Yodel Central. There’s even An Engineer’s Guide to Cat Yodeling (with Cat Polka). I’ll leave you to ferret out the polyphonic African Pygmy yodeling and mbira accompanied Zimbabwean yodels.

Yahoo! Yodelizer

Emergency Yodel Button

Yodel Central

An Engineer’s Guide to Cat Yodeling (with Cat Polka)

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