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By Scott Langill

Darwin Awards Tree of Life Logo

Darwin Awards Tree of Life Logo

The Darwin Awards team is proud to announce the late, the great, the 2009 Darwin Award Winners! Well there is no team per se. The Awards began circulating in the mid-1980s as e-mails and Usenet group discussions. There were several websites that recorded “Darwin Awards” starting in the mid-1990s, the survivor and authoritative one is darwinawards.com. There are five requirements for there Darwin Awards: Inability to reproduce (nominee must be dead or rendered sterile), Excellence (in astoundingly stupid judgment), Self-selection (the candidate must have injured or killed themselves, rather than a third party), Maturity (capable of sound judgment), and Veracity (the event must be verified). As to the latter category, rejected or suspected stories appear in the urban legend or personal accounts sections of the Darwin Awards site.

2009 Darwin Award Winners

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