By Scott Langill

Girl Licking Screen

Girl Licking Screen

The Pug (Dog) and Cat are linked all over the web. There are even screensaver versions of them. Beyond Pugs, there’s bulldogs, bassets, beagles, and dachshunds; along with more cats, and the occasional rabbit or hamster. There’s even YouTube videos of girls and babies, and the ubiquitous animated Girl Licking Screen mobile phone screensaver shown above. There’s an iconic Thing Licking Screen on deviantART that has found its way on to lots of webpages. But laminally speaking, where are the chameleons, frogs, and anteaters? For more traditional screen washing the fourteen year old Internet Squeegee Guy still has a home on the web.

Dog Licking Screen

Licking Cat

Licking Cat and Dog Screensavers

Girls Licking The Screen

Girl Licking Screen Screensaver

Thing Licking Screen

Internet Squeegee Guy

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