By Scott Langill

Open Can Receive Bacon

Open Can Receive Bacon

“New from CMMG! Its Tactical Bacon™ in a can. Fully cooked and fully prepared. 10+ year shelf life. Perfect for camping, hunting, zombie standoffs, end of the world scenarios etc. Don’t be caught without Tac Bac! Now with more better grammar!” Just $15.95 for about 54 slices. CMG Inc. also has a handy Dealer Locator on their website. While Tac Bac™ may be perfect for Christmas giving or a memorable Thanksgiving potluck dish; the cost conscious antisemitic survivalist may want to stock up on (Yoders) Canned Bacon at the MRE Depot where a case of twelve cans (36 pounds) can be had for $119.95. While MRE’s packaging is less striking it does have a camouflage background. Looking for flavor, web wonks say it’s better to buy Oscar Mayer’s Fully Cooked Bacon.

Tactical Bacon™

Yoder’s Canned Bacon

Oscar Mayer Bacon – Ready To Serve – Hearty Thick Cut

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