By Scott Langill

Destroy Everything and Save the Broccoli!

Destroy Everything and Save the Broccoli!

Where Pizza Comes From? Released this month is The Chickening. The Chickening is a video game about a chicken who shoots lasers out of his eyes. Flying pizza shot out of evil cat heads from Paris, France, Uranus have invaded Earth and transformed the President of The United States of Mexico, Robot Abraham Lincoln, into a piece of broccoli. From the center of the earth the Pentagon desperately dispatches their best agent: Agent 69-420 aka The Chickening. His mission: Destroy Everything and Save the Broccoli! Free Windoze PC download. For the nongamers I’ve included a link to Doug Zongker’s “Chicken chicken chicken” presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science two years ago.

The Chickening

The Chickening Video Game Trailer

The Chickening Intro Movie

AAAS “Chicken chicken chicken” video

AAAS “Chicken chicken chicken” paper

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