By Scott Langill

A Wienermobile crashed into a Racine home last month.

A Wienermobile crashed into a Racine home last month.

My memory is that of Little Oscar doing magic tricks when the Wienermobile visited my grade school; but post 9/11, the Wienermobile gets pulled over for driving to close to the Pentagon. Last month PETA suggested that the Wienermobile should have been buried with Oscar Mayer when he passed away. Fortunately, all seven Wienermobiles are still hotdogging around the country, even the one that crashed in Wisconsin.

The accident went unmentioned on the Wienermobile Blog and Twitter. The Kraft website also has a Wienermobile virtual tour, Wienerwhistle, and actual Wienermobilia. There’s virtual Wienermobilia at’s Doug’s Wienermobile Page and a history of the Wienermobile at

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