By Scott Langill

Hi, Billy Mays here for... Billy Mays for President!

Hi, Billy Mays here for... Billy Mays for President!

“The Pitchfork” may have passed last month when Atlantic City Boardwalk graduate Billy Mays died in Tampa. But the celebrity pitchman for such products as Oxiclean, Kaboom!, Orange Glo, Awesome Auger. Ultimate Ladder, and WashMatik lives on. has the Billy Mays Caps Lock which will “Turn Your Caps Lock Key Into a Billy Mays Key!” which will play a Billy Mays quote each time you press your Caps Lock key. The less devoted may want to visit the web version of this concept at Instant Billy Mays. In memory of Billy Mays, novelty purveyor Archie McPhee is selling Handerpants, “Tighty Whities For Your Hands”. Youtube’s tribute is Billy Mays’ Final Commercial where Billy rescues a scuba diver with Mighty Tape. Unfortunately, Mattel’s rumored “talker hawker” doll will remain an urban legend.

Billy Mays Caps Lock

Instant Billy Mays


Billy Mays’ Final Commercial

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