By Scott Langill

Swine Flu Chic

Swine Flu Chic

WGN Radio recently held a Swine Flu Face Mask Fashion Show. Lucha Libre aside, Mexicans have been sporting stylized swine flu masks as evidenced by Nicola “Okin” Frioli, Guanabee, and Decorative flu masks are nothing new in the Orient, check out the work by artists Studio Samira Boon, Irina Blok, and Yoriko Yoshida. Due to the delay of Cinco de Mayo celebrations in New York, Air America is sponsoring a design competition for a mask which offers swine flu protection and allows you to drink beer. For your own design you can get base masks from MedexSupply. Don’t forget, the FDA says they’re all basically useless for virus protection.

WGN Swine Flu Face Mask Fashion Show



Studio Samira Boon

Irina Blok

Yoriko Yoshida

Air America Cinco De Mayo Swine Flu Mask Design Competition


FDA Guidelines for masks and respirators

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