By Scott Langill

Peeps on acid
Peeps on acid

America has begun its annual consumption of 700 million marshmallow Peeps. One notable new website entry in the Peepapalooza is 100 Ways To Kill A Peep where users submit photographs of their own Peep killings. They’re only up to 17 so far but there’s still 13 days until Easter. For more Peep Genocide there’s still a bellyache full of links at The Big List of Peeps Links. Sadly Wham-O no longer sells their Marshmallow Peeps Maker to make your own peeps, but sells a Peeps costume in Adult, Toddler, and Infant sizes. For more candy theology see Power to the Peeps (Catch of the Day from March 6, 2006).

100 Ways To Kill A Peep

Big List of Peeps Links

Marshamallow Peeps Costume

Power to the Peeps

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