By Scott Langill

Chad Vader's apprentice Commander Wickstrom

Chad Vader's apprentice Commander Wickstrom

Darth Vader’s (implied brother) search for dominion over the Empire Market began in 2006. After eight episodes with one to ten million views per episode, the long awaited Season 2 has begun screening on YouTube. Season 1 is still available along with Chad Vader Training Videos, Blogs, Holiday Messages, Raps, and even a chat with Obama Girl. TheBlame Society Productions creation has been translated into at leastfive languages and it was awarded the George Lucas Selects award as thebest Star Wars Fan Film of 2007. LucasArts was so impressed by Chad’sDarth Vader impression that he was hired as the new voice actor for Darth Vader in a number of Star Wars games. The Blame Society web site also has Chad Vader DVDs and other merchandise. For UW alumni, yes thatis the Willy Street Co-op and watch for Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz inepisodes six and eight of Season 1.

Chad Vader Season 2

Chad Vader Season 1

Blame Society Productions

Willy Street Co-op

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