By Scott Langill

An early atonal telephone

An early atonal telephone

Muzak may have declared bankruptcy but you can make your own touch tone music while you’re on hold. Michael Vincent has Phone Songs on his site along with a passable version of Happy Birthday. has more songs and samples to play. If you want to create your own music DialABC has a chart matching musical notes to the Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) system that the touch tone system uses. DialABC also has a page where you can generate DTMF tones by entering touch tone phone number sequences. Amongst the classic touch tone songs available online is WMFU’s posting of the Touch Tone Surfers cover of Devo’s “Jocko Homo”. And amongst the classical is Groovy Grooves Touchtone Symphony, “Mozart’s Turkish Rondo for Two Office Phones and Two Cellular Phones”.

Phone Songs

Phone Songs: Happy Birthday

DialABC: DTMF musical notes

DialABC: DTMF sound clip generator

WFMU: Touch Tone Surfers “Jocko Homo”

Groovy Grooves: Touchtone Symphony

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