By Scott Langill

Deja los buenos tiempos desenrollar

Deja los buenos tiempos desenrollar

It’s early February and time for celebration in the town of San Juan de la Vega, Mexico. To celebrate, strap explosives to the business end of a long hammer and bang it hard on the ground. That’s the basic idea of this several centuries old event. Thousands attend and dozens are injured (50 minor wounds in 2008). Check out the Mexican Bomb Hammer Party video on YouTube. Explosives and a hammer? What can go wrong? Well, dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel used to test the efficacy of various formulations of nitroglycerin by placing a drop on an anvil & hitting it with a sledgehammer. While testing a particularly virulent batch his brother was killed and Alfred went into seclusion for several years. His grief over this incident and press depictions of him as a merchant of death led him to create the Nobel Prize. If you want the American version of a Mexican Bomb Hammer Party try the July 4th Celebration & Anvil Shoot at the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tennessee. Anvil tossing is actually an old American tradition. If you want a preview check the two sample videos linked below.

Mexican Bomb Hammer Party

July 4th Celebration & Anvil Shoot

Anvil Blast

Anvil launching gone wrong

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